Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling the Love

Today I got an Email from a family member. We talked on the phone for a good hour before I read the email. My family, up until now, was not aware of all the other cases, battles … I’ve been working on over the past couple years. I finally unloaded the Full Monty on ‘em…poor things. It’s exhausting to sort it out as I live it, it’s gotta suck trying to keep up with all the details in a crash course. It feels too weird to be real, but it is.

Here’s my response to: Family member;

Dear Family member,

This letter rocks! Can I post it? (see below)

Now that you have the BIG picture, i.e., all the other cases एंड
issues folded together, timing, typos, accidental warrants .. you
see, I'm doing the best I can, they want to eat me no matter what, and
all the smiles and nods on earth aren't gonna help me at this point.

I just have to tackle each issue methodically and hopefully I have the
kind of attorney/s that CAN help. I spent this past weekend documenting
EVERYTHING. I’ve created a Dated Chronological detailed document.

It's fricken insane actually.

Thank you for all your support, whatever is going on here I will get through it and I WILL find a way to pull something good from it. Hey, maybe I'll go to law school hehehe,
Now THAT would be funny!.

I'm so sorry you guys are having to feel my pain. I've been taking it
and keeping my mouth cuz it just FEELS crazy. I figured I could handle it
alone. Not to mention it's exhausting having to explain all the various
issues and details in play here. And listening to it is a chore in
itself, I mean gads! .. how long were we on the phone? ...Holy cow.

I love you all very much, I'm gonna come through this. Hopefully on Christmas Day 2008 we can ALL be hanging out in our pajamas shooting Nerf balls outta big plastic helmets and drinking Espresso!
Wooo Hoo, I wanna come home.
Where are those damn Ruby Slippers?!

(From Family member to me)

Dear Sloan,

Hey you, I have really debated with myself this weekend on if I should send this or not. Let me preface this with I love you and grew up in a small town with issues, so, I get it.

I believe in what you are trying to do, but timing is everything, now is not the time or place to fight this battle especially publicly. Just step outside the box for a moment and see what the rest of us are seeing. The whole family is frightened that you are burning bridges before you even get across......then what?? Burn them all you want but get across first!

That being said............ you know I love you RIGHT??? And I would not put so much thought and effort in if I didn’t truly see something bad coming from the depths. So, I am going to tell you straight as I see it because I think everyone is genuinely worried about you and this situation, they just hope you will handle it accordingly. So... my question is do you ever want to leave? Play nice in the sand box until they release you to go to KC with your probation then vent and blog away, put up the fight of your life and file all the bad mojo claims against Captain Jackass that you want ,but you're letting your emotions run the game right now and being the court jester is not how to win with the "dukes of hazard" mentality they have there. Some one has the "Boss Hog syndrome" and they want to break that hard-on off in someone and You are on the menu, you cant win with that.

You have to be logical and smart in your self preservation, not emotional. As your brother would say, "Keep poking the dog and it will bite". Do this by there letter as much as it pisses you off to do but take the slap on the wrist and GTF out!!!!!!!!!! Cause if you dont they will find ways to keep you there.

With your goofy sarcasm and hippy chick wit that you put into everything its just going to piss them off more (just like a sarcastic kid who doesnt want to listen to their parents even if they are wrong). It is the respect and acknowledgement of that authority that they are looking for. Quit stirring the pot and let it got stagnant, or they will box you up right or wrong because they can, to make an example of you by flexing their muscle!!!!! Once you are here then we can tackle all the bad with good backup that is not swayable because they live there. Fight it from a safe distance. They will find every reason to make an example of you the more you fight. Just buckle down, grit your teeth, smile and nod then get the hell out of there! Then rant all you want for therapy but you cant help yourself or anyone else, especially your son who needs you to do what you have to do right now, not what you want to do. How do you expect to help him stay on the right path and get through this change if you are "in the system" having a sit in to prove your point? Didn't you just get him out of their systems?

Court is this week, give them what they "want to hear" and lets roll out. MN is no longer a good or healthy place for you all any more. I love you............. finish this chapter and come home, we are waiting for you.

All my love and support


Anonymous said...

Are you all ok with this? We should just accept this "Boss Hog" mentality?

Skjellerup said...

Hell no, But I'm outta ideas. What do you have?

Jim L said...

Like it or not I say, "Yes, you do have to take it." You don't have to like it, which I feel safe in saying you don't.

The fact is there is no higher authority you can appeal to for justice. You are in their pond and you need to play by their rules. I grew up in a small town and in some ways I think you need to feel a little lucky they haven't really come down on you. You've left a trail behind that even Roscoe P. Coltrane could follow.

Take the advice: eat some crow and fall back to a better vantage point from which you can objectively see the situation and decide what you really want to do based on all the people in your life.

Witty and barbed won't get you much in the klink except a bitch slapping now and then. Please, think then act. (Not the other way around.)

Anonymous said...

Hey 99,

Ya got a great family & they luv ya baby..just like I do. Takin' a likin' & movin' on is a good thing.

I know the cop is a prick and the whole idea that you have to write a letter of apology is very juvenile. Think about it. You are in the legal system due to certain things happening bla, bla, bla... It's like having to write sentences in grade school. THEY are the immature ASSES. Do the 10 days to shove it up they're collective immature asses. Stand on your principles and you will feel better in the long run. If I had the cash I would get you a good atty. they fear and watch them fold in a heartbeat. They are doing this because they know they can....simple as that.

P.S. My live-in atty. said to do the 10 days on principle as well. I believe the exact quote was "Fuck them, a letter of apology is bullshit in the judicial system."

Later, Max

Skjellerup said...

I hear ya buddy. I’d love to do the ten days just to get past this without giving into the silly. Problem is I have a dependant child at home.

Where does he go for ten days? What if that Ten days affects him badly and I’m left struggling to pick up the pieces of another issue this kid is forced to reconcile?

Ten days not only eats County / State $$ that could, and Should, be used toward something constructive, it exposes my son. The Bullies have me there.. do you think they use that kinda stuff? … Naw, surely no one is THAT twisted.

My Job as a parent is to help my children understand the significance of their role, as a human being, to inspire them to contribute their talent/skill for the betterment of the whole.

By exposing my children to this sort of irrational unnecessary, unproductive, chaos is teaching them to accept a way of thinking we, as parents have worked hard to get past.

This is sheer “Bullying” by an establishment designed and supported by us to protect us from “Bullies” … Hmmm that said, yup F! ‘em. Rather than apologizing for something I didn’t do, I’ll sit in a room for 10 days, catch up on my reading, practice some “Bed-mat Yoga” and have some good girl talk / giggle sessions … With room service.. You’re correct. Max will ya take my kid for 10 days? I dunno if it’s an option … I’ll have to see if I get any say as to where he goes… I’ll get back to you on this.

Anonymous said...

Hey 99,

Maybe I can take da kid for a bit...we'll see. This is a teachable moment about principles, morals and justice you see.

Love ya, Max